Sunday School Leaders

01-Jan Lorraine Andrew Jackie  
08-Jan Tami Evelyn Francis  
15-Jan Rohini Andrew Eunice  
22-Jan Doreen Evelyn Rwang  
29-Jan Lorraine Leading Jackie The Word   Family Service
05-Feb Lorraine Andrew Wanya  
12-Feb Tami Evelyn Jackie  
19-Feb Rohini Andrew Francis  
26-Feb Doreen Leading Francis The Word   Family Service
05-Mar Lorraine Evelyn Eunice 1st Sunday in Lent
12-Mar Tami Andrew Rwang  
19-Mar Rohini Evelyn Wanya  
26-Mar Jackie Leading Doreen The Word   Clocks Forward/ Mothering Sunday
02-Apr Doreen Andrew Jackie  
09-Apr Lorraine Evelyn Francis  
16-Apr Tami Andrew Eunice Easter Sunday Service
23-Apr Rohini Evelyn Rwang  
30-Apr Lorraine Leading Eunice The Word   Family Service
07-May Doreen Andrew Wanya  
14-May Lorraine Evelyn Jackie  
21-May Tami Andrew Francis  
28-May Doreen Leading Rwang The Word   Family Service
04-Jun Rohini Evelyn Eunice  
11-Jun Doreen Andrew Rwang  
18-Jun Lorraine Evelyn Wanya Father's Day
25-Jun Jackie Leading Wanya The Word   Family Service
02-Jul Tami Andrew Jackie  
09-Jul Rohini Evelyn Francis  
16-Jul Doreen Andrew Eunice  
23-Jul Lorraine Evelyn Rwang  
30-Jul Lorraine Leading Doreen The Word   Family Service
06-Aug Tami Andrew Wanya  
13-Aug Rohini Evelyn Jackie  
20-Aug Doreen Andrew Francis  
27-Aug Youth Group Leading Jackie The Word   Family Service Moving Up
03-Sep Lorraine Evelyn Eunice  
10-Sep Tami Andrew Rwang  
17-Sep Rohini Evelyn Wanya  
24-Sep Doreen Leading Francis The Word   Family Service/Harvest
01-Oct Doreen Andrew Jackie  
08-Oct Lorraine Evelyn Francis Nativity Prep Starts
15-Oct Tami Andrew Eunice Nativity Prep
22-Oct Rohini Evelyn  Rwang Nativity Prep
29-Oct Jackie Leading Doreen The Word   Family Service/Clocks Back
05-Nov Doreen Andrew Wanya Nativity Prep
12-Nov Lorraine Evelyn Jackie Remembrance Sunday
19-Nov Tami Andrew Francis Nativity Prep
26-Nov Doreen Leading Jackie The Word   Family Service
03-Dec Rohini Evelyn Eunice Nativity Prep
10-Dec Doreen Andrew Rwang Nativity Prep
17-Dec All Eunice The Word   Nativity Service
24-Dec Lorraine Evelyn Wanya Christmas Eve Service/Children Party?
25-Dec All All   Christmas Day Service
31-Dec All All   New Years Eve Service

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